Tactics, Techniques & Procedures


Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the science and art of investigating and extracting information from digital devices including computers, mobile phones, servers and storage. Our process begins with devices of interest being acquired into a court-approved technical file format. Chain-of-custtody is maintained and this information is then brought back to the team’s secure lab and investigated using a wide variety of software tools and techniques. Frequently during digital forensic investigations, investigators/examiners are able to discern a wide variety of information including connected storage devices (e.g., USB thumb drives, external hard drives, etc.), login/log-off and connection times, recovery and analysis of internet and web traffic history, event logs, recovery of deleted files, and analysis of live and deleted e-mail. In combination with a detailed report and expert witness testimony, this allows your organization to maintain integrity throughout the process.  Our services include:


→ Analysis of corporate intellectual property theft

→ Deleted file recovery and data recovery from deleted or crashed hard drives and memory devices

→ Investigations that may require Breach Notification according to Federal and State Statutes

→ Extraction of Internet and social media history

→ Litigation support for ongoing cases and matters

→ Mobile Forensics including hacked/compromised iPhone, Android, Blackberry and smartphone devices and recovery of deleted text messages.


Data Breach

During a data breach, having the right people by your side is often the difference between a meltdown and effective crisis aversion. Our computer security experts specialize in helping companies to mitigate threats before, during, and after an attack. Incident response is not just limited to hacking, but it also combines intellectual property theft and data leakage, human resources complaints, and ongoing litigation and legal holds, among other frequent corporate occurrences. Whether you’ve been notified of a problem by your internal security team, an outside vendor, or law enforcement, our team of security analysts and forensic experts stand ready to help you navigate your risk mitigation processes and technical mitigations.  Our expertise includes:


→ Computer breach consulting

→ Internal espionage

→ Point of Sale (POS) and credit card data compromises

→ Data recovery from deleted or crashed hard drives or memory devices


Incident/Investigation Support

A digital forensic or incident response investigation can yield many new clues to open further avenues of inquiry. This frequently includes interviews with custodians, witnesses, participants, and suspects dovetailing into ongoing human resource investigations.  Additional support includes:


→ Deleted file analysis & data recovery

→ Law enforcement liaison services

→ Litigation support

→ Enterprise/Network vulnerability assessment

→ Technical and electronic counter measures analysis

→ Participant interviews

→ Human resources interfacing & internal investigations



Digital or electronically stored information is a frequent component in the majority of ongoing civil and criminal litigation matters. Our digital forensic experts work closely with counsel, information technology, and evidence custodians to identify, preserve, and collect documents and files of interest. Processing of electronic information allows for the extraction of text and metadata, deduplication of content, and redaction of sensitive information. Industry standard review and production procedures ensure compliance with court mandates. The team’s wide experience in collection allows for easy access to information stored on laptops, desktops, mobile devices, e-mail and file/eschange servers, along with other specialized storage containers like voicemail systems and corporate data repositories. Choosing the cyber-investigators at CyberSecurity4Hire to aid in your eDiscovery process, gives your company the peace of mind that it will be handled accurately, discreetly, and efficiently. We help you secure and guarantee:


→ Identification of electronically stored information (ESI) custodians and repositories

→ Preservation of data on computers, servers, mobile, and other devices with forensic methods

→ Litigation support

→ Collection and processing of identified ESI

→ Pattern, topic, timeline & trend analysis among custodians and collected content.


Our Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) provide the confidentiality, integrity and availablity needed to support your incident and/or investigation and bring the business back to mission-ready status.