Information - Cyber Security


Companies with strong Information System (IS)/Information Technology (IT) Enterprise security architecture solutions can confidently answer these basic questions-


  • What is the information security risk posture of the organization?

  • Is the current architecture supporting and adding value to the security of the organization?

  • How might our security architecture be modified so that it adds more value to the organization?

  • Based on what we know about what the organization wants to accomplish in the future, will the current security architecture support or hinder that?


Weak IS/IT Enterprises, stumble when answering the above.  Most businesses spend a significant amount of money on security—some can spend up to 25% of their annual IT budget. But typical defense perimeters do not work against today’s new breed of cyber attacks and failure to defend against these sophisticated attacks can be a critical oversight. 


The result of these unfortunate outcomes:


Loss of competitiveness. Trade secrets, patents, customer records, and M&A activities can all be exposed when cybercriminals circumvent an organization’s defenses. Breaches occurring in any of these areas can significantly weaken the company's competitive position.


Compliance breaches. If companies are not protected from breaches, their compliance with relevant policies and mandates is in serious jeopardy. Whether it is a financial institution that needs to safeguard credit card data in compliance with PCI DSS, or an organization tasked with compliance such as HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, NERC, or FISMA, data breaches can lead to fines, lost business, and a host of other penalties.


Damaged reputation. Customer trust and market share are precious commodities. All it takes is a significant breach to hit the headlines and those hard-earned assets, as well as customer loyalty, can erode quickly.


Lost productivity. If breaches are discovered after they occur, the IT team will be forced to scramble to handle the incident and forensics, shore up the vulnerabilities where other similar gaps may exist, and rebuild the corrupted systems. The time spent on these efforts is time that the business doesn’t get back—and time that cannot be focused on more strategic priorities.

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