Proactive Threat Analysis & Defeat

What's your process for ensuring ongoing and routine discussions by employees and senior management about cyber threats and vulnerabilities in your organization?

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Proact to Threats

We believe the old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is more fitting, in Cybersecurity today, than ever before. Most businesses, and supporting IT functions, are constantly in flux. Our Cybersecurity Assessment studies find that the level of cybersecurity inherent risk varies significantly across different organizations and business institutions: small, medium to global conglomerates. Thus, it is important for all stakeholders, employees through management, to understand the company’s security posture and inherent risk to ever-increasing cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. Evaluating preparedness, that will translate to an in-depth understanding of existing protective measures, is paramount when assessing cybersecurity. 


Our Services include:


  • Designing & Implementing Security Controls

  • Enteprise and Network Security System Testing and Auditing

  • Leading and Performing Security Penetration Tests

  • Performing  audits and generating reports

  • Monitoring Security Logs for Security Events

  • Managing and Administering Access Controls Tools

  • Deploying and Managing Access Control Tools

  • Hardening Application Platforms (HW and SW)

  • Implementing Security Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines


Further, we strive to persuade and promote risk management, information security awareness and effective corporate oversight as the major pillars to any cybersecurity program. This involves solid governance, smart allocation of resources, and the appropriate level of training and awareness of employees. Cyber attacks are usually only widely reported when the organization risks public exposure. Almost all organizations generally leverage existing information security policies and practices to address cybersecurity risks. Routinely discussing cybersecurity issues with business owners, boards and at senior management meetings will help the organization set the tone from the top and build a security culture. Strong governance includes clearly defined roles and responsibilities that assign accountability to identify, assess, and manage cybersecurity risks across the organization. While most companies understand the need to train employees on cybersecurity risk management, the outcome and benefits improve when training and awareness programs are kept current and are provided on a routine basis. Employees can be a business’s first line of defense for many types of attacks, particularly social engineering attacks through phishing e-mails, which attempt to acquire sensitive information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity.


  • Our services build upon your organization's intrinsic capabilities and increased Situational Awareness while providing insight into the business and risk specifics.

  • We weave our consulting and assessment services into your organization to assist your information security understanding, identify potential gaps and define priorities for deployment of our risk management and mitigation solutions.

  • We help you understand the compliance drivers and develop a sense of the priority assets.

  • Our overall management and correlation capability increases the organization's secuirty intuition levels and the application of data analytics for contiual improvement.

  • We do everything we can to ensure our clients spend only on security functions which are risk appropriate given their desired security posture.