Predict Future Vulnerabilities

What is your process to gather and analyze threat and vulnerability information? How does your company leverage this information to improve risk management practices?

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Predict Threats &  Vulnerabilies

A day doesn’t go by without news of another major corporate data breach. The increasingly sophisticated and complex threat landscape today calls for a multi-layered approach to provide comprehensive detection and protection against known, unknown, and advanced threats.


Our portfolio of services extend the security and protection of your business by increasing "IT threat" insight, enabling extensive compliance plus rapid response along with the ability to manage real-time vulnerabilities and cyber threats across your organization, system and enterprise.


We promote complete Cybersecurity Assessment reviews to identify a company’s current practices and overall preparedness, focusing on the following:


  • Risk management and oversight

  • Threat intelligence and collaboration

  • Cybersecurity controls

  • External dependency management

  • Cyber incident management and resilience


In technical terms, Cybersecurity inherent risk is the amount of risk posed by a company’s business activities and internal/external connections, such as the Internet and suppliers/vendors, notwithstanding the risk-mitigating controls currently in place throughout the organization at the initial engagement. Our ‘Cybersecurity Assessment’ methodologies evaluate cybersecurity inherent risk incorporated in the type, volume, and complexity of operational considerations, such as connection types, products and services offered, and technologies and IT systems deployed.


There are varying levels of protection that can and should be implemented based on the organization’s security posture. The appropriate level of protection or ‘security controls’ need to be applied based on the value of the resource. The value of the resource is a piece of the security puzzle that should be collected during the identification phase. A good understanding of how the resource is used with in the business is needed to properly determine its value.


Our Typical Role and Responsibilities might include:


-Understand and interpret your needs, acting as a trusted security advisor

-Integrate our expertise with your culture, security strategies, security goals, security objectives, security capabilities, and security budget

-Assist in developing and maintaining asset classification and categorization

-Assist with Client’s change management processes

-Maintain knowledge and attend team meetings for strategy adoption

-Provide information security project management assistance

-Work with you, the Client, to assist with technical security escalation and incident response -Keep you abreast of status, set clear expectations, provide timely follow-up to Client, and independently handle challenging situations

-Provide meaningful reporting on a regular and ad-hoc basis


Our utmost goal is to help you realize your business value while delivering gains in operational efficiency and effectiveness thru enhancing situational awareness and the organization's ability to adapt to dynamic threats.