Business Resiliency

Many executives still think about disaster recovery as an IT insurance policy.  Yet, CIOs  and CISOs should now be asking about resiliency for their overall business – not just data or IT. According to a DR Benchmark, roughly 50% of outages are caused by software or network failures while only 14% are weather related. The point is: outages will happen. Don’t just prepare to recover; prepare to be resilient. Ultimately it’s about end-users being able to access the applications and services that can bring back your operations and business to optimal performance.


We partner with industry-leading vendors and service providers to offer a holistic approach to business resiliency. We start with data protection, then we recover your environments, networks, storage and/or compute infrastructure. Our comprehensive strategies and solutions are designed to be flexible enough to work with complex, hybrid systems, and flexibly scale up and down based on your needs, addressing a full range of recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs/RPOs). Of course, your recovery environment needs to stay in sync with rapid changes in production; our experts can help you optimize your recovery to unleash new capabilities and services for business growth.


Businesses and IT leaders are demanding predictable outcomes to reduce risk. Experience CyberSecurity4Hire difference that provide:


  • Fully-managed solutions bringing you the recovery industry's leading minds

  • Predictable results that help you realize real savings and spend

  • Guaranteed services backed by SLAs

  • Comprehensive yet flexible solutions designed to work with actual hybrid IT environments

  • Proven and consistent Best Practices


Leverage the Cloud

When it comes to disaster and IT recovery, the cloud can offer substantial recovery benefits.  There are many ways to get there. That's why it's important to partner with someone who can support complex, heterogeneous IT environments and provide high availability and true business technology resiliency.


What can Cloud Recovery do for you?

  • Decrease capital expenditures by eliminating the need to purchase physical equipment

  • Provide faster speed to recovery

  • Provide greater confidence and security

  • Scale as your needs grow


Let us help you realize true peace of mind in your disaster recovery needs.