Protect Your Investment & Intellectual Property

"It's 10 PM.  Do you know where your data is?  Your Intellectual Property, Customer Lists and Credit Card Data, Financials, Patient Records, Bank Accounts, etc....?

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Protect Your Investment

As your workforce and customers embrace the cloud, mobility, social media and big data, your organization’s attack surface expands significantly. Band-aids won’t stop the hurt. Our school of thought embraces cyber defense strategies that simplify management, visibility and control of information no matter where or how the information is used. This allows you to create a more secure, open and engaging environment while managing time and the potential of data leakage or data breaches.  We create security roadmaps for businesses through collaboration, to facilitate innovation and a robust secuirty posture. Our collective knowledge base is focused on staying ahead of threats, not just responding to them.


Today’s businesses, of any size, are critically dependent on IT to conduct business operations. Information and data are the lifeblood of any enterprise. This dependence, coupled with increasing interconnectedness and rapidly evolving infomation security/cyber threats, reinforces the need for engagement by cyber experts that can:


  • Effectively understand the company’s current cybersecurity risks

  • Clearly discuss mitigations of those risks

  • Monitor and maintain sufficient awareness of threats and vulnerabilities

  • Establish and maintain a dynamic control environment

  • Manage connections to third parties, vendors and suppliers

  • Develop and test business continuity and disaster recovery plans that incorporate cyber incident scenarios, and:

  • Adapt to constantly changing cybersecurity risk.



You've poured your heart and soul into your business.  Do you know if your information and infrastructure are secure?  Is your data, the engine and essence of your enterprise, safe?  Really?


The Cyber threat landscape is on the rise and growing in complexity.  This growing threat is evident across the entire strata from multi-national conglomerates to small business.  The economy continues to force business owners and leaders to drive down their operational costs yet maintain an aggressive and proactive internal IT security posture.  These pressures are compounded by required regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, SOX, FFIEC, FISMA, PCI DSS, GLBA, FedRAMP and a growing mobile, data hungry, workforce.


By taking the guess work out of CyberSecurity, we ensure you’re protected so that you can focus on managing your business. We help our clients’ businesses adapt, thrive and grow while protecting what matters most.


We play an integral part in the socialization, implementation, integration and adoption of your information security across the business and enterprise. Our role functions as a critical conduit between you and your customers. We advise you, the customer, on information security related projects throughout their lifecycle so you can serve your customers with confidence. Supported by proven processes, established guidelines and best practices plus best-of-breed technology, our fully integrated security tools, techniques and practices (TTP) and solutions are tailored to satisfy today’s requirements; and ensure tomorrow’s threat will not go undetected.